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Fire Pump Repairs

Commerical UL/FM Listed & Unlisted pumps

Our expert techniques in fire pump refurbishment and restoration will restore a troublesome fire pump to acceptable performance levels, and in some cases, even its original performance.

Precision Pump and Control provides a full range of maintenance and repair services to all brands of fire pumps, controllers and jockey pumps. Major repair services offered to fire pumps include “cover off” repacks, shaft alignment, sleeve and bearing replacements. The majority of the work can be provided on site and completed the same day. We also offer a vareity of Specialty Pump Services including Precision Laser Shaft Alignment and Listed Coupling Replacement to keep your pump running in optimum condition.

Fire Pump Repairs & Refurbishment

  • Replacement of bearings, packing, packing glands, sleeves, impellers, shafts, circulation relief valves, swing bolts, and air release valves
  • Electric or UL/FM diesel powered pumps
  • Coupling guard installation
  • Impeller balancing
  • Jockey pump replacements
  • Jockey controller replacements
  • Fire pump top-off inspections
  • Alignment adjustments
  • Engine and controller change outs
  • Rebuilding & Repacking
  • Horizontal Split-Case, Vertical In-Line, Vertical Turbine, End Suction configurations
  • Rotation changes
  • PVC Drain line installation
  • Gauge calibrations
  • Motor replacements
  • FM acceptable couple replacements
  • UL/FM Flow Testing
  • General troubleshooting
  • Premium parts from leading manufactures
  • Repairs completed quickly to the highest quality standards
  • damaged fire pump interior

    Fire Pump Interior

    Before refurbishment service
  • fire pump needing service

    Fire Pump Exterior

    Before Refurbishment Service
  • fire pump getting serviced

    Refurbishment Service

    For Fire Pump Underway!
  • fire pump refurbished by precision pump and control

    Fire Pump Exterior

    After Precision Pump & Control Refurbishment Service
  • fire pump and impeller refurbished by precision pump and control

    Fire Pump Interior Close Up

    After Precision Pump & Control Refurbishment Service
  • fire pump and impeller refurbished by precision pump and control

    Fire Pump Interior Close Up

    After Precision Pump & Control Refurbishment Service

    Annual Performance Testing & Inspecitions

    Florida State Law, in accordance with Chapter 633 Fire Prevention & Control, requires annual mandatory testing of all fire pump equipment. Many insurance companies will also require routine inspections as a condition of coverage as well. Our certified technicians are qualified to conduct complete testing, inspections and diagnostics of your entire electrical or UL/FM diesel powered fire pump system that meet and exceed all state regulations. During testing, our technicians can work with you to put together a routine maintenance package that will improve efficiency, service life and overall performance of your equipment that meets your operational budget.

    • Fire pump top-off inspections
    • Post the purchase Fire pump / Controller acceptance tests
    • Fire pump reconditioning and restoration
    • Detailed written reports provided with all inspections

    Why Chose Precision Pump & Control Fire Pump Repair Services?

    • 30 years experience servicing and repairing fire pumps
    • Maintenance and service contracts available
    • Rapid Response, fast repair time, we know minutes matter!
    • 24/7 Emergency Service Available

    These services can only be provided by Precision Pump & Control on a subcontracted basis through a Licensed Florida Fire Sprinkler Contractor. Please call your local provider and simple request Precision Pump & Control when scheduling your service.

    Other Specialty Services

    Precision Laser Shaft Alignment
    Precision Laser Shaft Alignment
    Specialized preventative maintenance
    75% of all vibration related problems are due to misalignment. Misalignment plays a key role in costly repairs, downtime and production loss.
    Thermal Imaging
    Thermal Imaging / Infrared Inspection‎
    Find hot spots before they ignite
    What if you could see a problem before it ever became an issue? Thermal imaging provides exactly that.
    Testing & Inspecition Services
    Save time, money and resources
    Routine testing and inspections maximize efficiency, extends equipment service life and prevents downtime and equipment failure.

    Top Quality Brands Serviced

    AC Firepump
    Firetrol Protection Systems
    Goulds Water Tech
    MSI Supply Inc
    Peerless Pump