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Thermal Imaging

Find hot spots before they ever become a problem

In just a matter of minutes a fire can consume an entire building, expensive equipment and leave an operation down for months while costly repairs are completed. The economic damage created during a fire can be unimaginable and the human cost during a fire related tragedy is incalculable.

What if you could see a problem before it ever became an issue? Thermal imaging provides exactly that - a non-contact method of measuring temperatures, which can prevent equipment failure by detecting hot spots in controller circuitry before they damage surrounding areas or possibly ignite.

Benefits of Thermal Imaging

  • Identifies hots spots and areas at risk of fire
  • Nondestructive method of testing
  • Early detection and remediation dramatically reduces equipment failure which can cause significant down time, damage and costs to an operation.

Why Chose Precision Pump & Control?

  • Top of the line Thermal Imaging / Infrared Inspection equipment used by qualified technicians
  • Afforbale prices that can be packaged with other preventative maintenance programs we offer for additional savings.

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Find hot spots before they ignite
What if you could see a problem before it ever became an issue? Thermal imaging provides exactly that.
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